YouTube Music explained in 5 minutes
YouTube Music explained in 5 minutes

Hello and welcome or welcome back to a new appointment with our blog, today we would like to explain to you what YouTube music is and how to best use it.

We must first of all say that listening to music nowadays is the most widespread form of entertainment of all and also the oldest if you think about it. How many times have you also worn headphones in front of the sea, for example.

They are moments of true and pure relaxation which, however, very often are interrupted by advertisements or you are unable to identify the song suited to your mood.

Have you ever heard of YouTube music and do you know what it is? Most likely if you are reading this article your answer is: No.

But we are here at Visibility Pack, who are ready to explain to you in every single detail how to take advantage of free YouTube music and take advantage of the music from all over the world made available on this platform.

On YouTube music you will find numerous tools made available by the platform aimed at improving the user experience. All this has meant that YouTube music has become one of the most popular apps among young people. can you use boostfollowers for more followers or viewers

What is appreciated the most is the notable decrease in mobile data consumption. Since you are not watching the music video, but only listening to the audio, it is natural that you will consume less data.

Many users have been satisfied with the evolution of the streaming giant into what has become YouTube music today. The platform also allows you to listen to music in the background.

Let’s now see the other aspects of this extraordinary application as well as YouTube Italian music.

What is YouTube Music?

In this paragraph we will see what YouTube music is and how this platform allows you to listen to completely free music thanks to YouTube free music.

As we told you a little while ago, YouTube music is a platform for listening to music in streaming on demand, which offers both a free and a paid plan with the relevant subscriptions suitable for every occasion or circumstance.

Obviously you will be able to access all the services that the platform makes available, including videos of the most famous songs.

The objective of this social network is always to guarantee a user experience on par with the major competitors such as: Apple music, Spotify, Amazon music and Google Play music.

However, what you will only find on YouTube music is the possibility of listening not only to the original songs but also to all the remixes, covers, live concerts and many others.

The real difference between YouTube and YouTube music is the structure of the homepage. The latter platform in fact has a different interface, much more simplified, a bit like that of Spotify. Simple, clear and intuitive.

The YouTube music home was designed to watch music videos or more simply to listen to a song, pushing quality videos such as those published by the record company Vevo to the top of the platform.

The two versions of YouTube music

As the title of this paragraph anticipates, there are two versions of YouTube music, one is the basic version and the other is the premium one. Now we will explain the differences between one and the other with the related opportunities.


The basic version is the free version of the platform.  You will be able to listen to all the songs on the platform with some small limitations.

Every now and then your songs will be interrupted by advertising messages and you will have to watch the advertising video, using more mobile data if you are without WIFI.

Furthermore, you will not be able to listen to music in the background, so your song will be interrupted as soon as the screen is locked or you exit the application dedicated to the smartphone platform.

You will not be able to download the songs and listen to them in offline mode if you find yourself without an internet connection.

If you want to remove all these limitations imposed by the basic version you will necessarily have to switch to the Premium version of the platform.

Premium version

Thanks to this latest version you will be exempt from advertisements which will be immediately removed from your subscription plan, furthermore you will be able to listen only to the audio of the songs without necessarily watching the video, this will limit your mobile data consumption.


You will be able to listen to songs in the background so you can open other applications directly on your device or lock the screen without stopping the music you are listening to.

Another gem that YouTube music makes available is the one that allows you to download your favorite songs and be able to listen to them even if you don’t have an active internet connection.

Both the free and paid versions allow you to create personalized playlists, you will be able to see your favorite artists in the section recommended for you based on your recent listens.

Furthermore, during the configuration phase you can choose your preferences so as not to miss a new release from your favorite artist.

Another function that YouTube music makes available is the possibility of viewing playlists of a specific musical genre based on where you are, obviously activating localization on your device.

If you were to go to the gym for example, by opening YouTube music you will be able to listen to playlists based on workouts to do in the gym. This YouTube music really isn’t bad, don’t you think?

How much does YouTube music cost?

Putting aside the only free version of YouTube music, i.e. the basic one, in this paragraph we will talk to you about the different pricing plans that this platform makes available to you and all other users.


The YouTube music premium version allows you to choose between different solutions, based on your needs.

Subscriptions can be for a single person or for a family, but let’s take it one step at a time, you can immediately go and see which subscription to get in the dedicated section of the YouTube music application.

The YouTube music premium plan is free for the first month, thereafter the cost will be only 9.99 euros per month.

You can also sign up for a premium family subscription which will allow multiple access to multiple accounts, up to a maximum of 6 for just 14.90 euros per month.

Finally, there is also another subscription which extends not only to YouTube music but also to the classic YouTube premium for only 11.90 euros per month.

All this will allow your account to eliminate ads, download videos and audio that you can listen to in offline mode and also allows you to use the application in the background.

You can also choose the payment method you prefer, the important thing is that it is electronic and traceable, such as a credit card, a prepaid card or PayPal. You can make a free trial valid for one month but you can only choose one premium plan.

So you can do the free trial either on YouTube music or on YouTube premium, choose carefully which platform to do the free trial on because you will only be able to do one.

How exactly does YouTube music work?

Google has really thought of everything for this extraordinary platform, because you can use YouTube music on any device, operating system such as iOS and Android with the appropriate application and also on various browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox etc.

The only thing that will change will be the graphical interface depending on the device used. But regardless of the device you are using you will still be able to access your account with the same premium subscription.

With the arrival of the new version entirely dedicated to music, let’s all say goodbye to Google Play music. In fact, made official in 2020, Google says goodbye to the old project to create a decidedly better and smarter one.

The technology giant had been wanting to make some changes in this area for some time, the initial project in fact envisaged that YouTube music was just an extension of the classic YouTube, but now it is a separate streaming channel.

Both the web player and the application are at your disposal and allow you to listen to YouTube Italian music wherever and whenever you want simply using your mobile device. Furthermore, searching for music within the platform will be even easier.

The interface allows you to really customize everything and is available in different languages. Thanks to YouTube music you will be able to discover new talents and follow them step by step for free, while we remind you that by activating a premium plan you will eliminate advertising interruptions.

How to move your playlist from Google Play to YouTube music?

Since Google declared that Google Play was now out of the picture to make room for the new platform, many users have gone into crisis due to all the music data they lost.

But there was someone smart because obviously, those geniuses who are behind algorithms, microprocessors and everything behind social media, really thought of everything. If you are looking for social media growth, then Buy YouTube Subscribers Uk best place for you.

If you still have your good old Google Play, we are about to reveal how to transfer your music library data from one place to another without losing anything.

In fact, the American giant tried to reassure all users who were in a frenzy over the story of the loss of music data, warning them that from December 2020 Google Takeout would be made available to transfer libraries, playlists and albums.

In practice, Google Takeout does nothing more than make a backup of the data connected to your Google account, in order to carry out total or partial archiving.

This amazing application can be used not only for transferring music data but also photos.

The Google Takeout feature

To use this service you just need to follow these small steps, let’s start with the simple things.

Open the page and click on your account icon, i.e. your profile picture, then a drop-down menu will open under your photo, look for the “Manage your account” button and select it.

From the menu that opens at the top left you can select the item “Data and personalization”, then scrolling to the bottom of the page you will find the wording “Download your data”.

Now you are ready to select the Google Takeout function, at the top you can choose the data delivery method, that is, practically your YouTube music files can be sent to you with a link to your email or to the Drop Box, Drive, OneDrive or Box.

Remember to tick the “Google play store” item and choose one of the export modes i.e. either “Export an archive” or “Export every two months for a year” in a .zip or .tags format from 1 to 50 Gigabytes.

Once you have completed these small steps you can click on the “Create export” button and you will be done.

How to save or delete YouTube music history

Google acquires an exorbitant amount of data every day, but if you want to save your YouTube music history while switching from one part to another we recommend selecting only the “Google play music” item to allow fast and safe data passage .


If you accidentally started a backup of all the data stored by Google, including drive history, websites, etc. we recommend that you cancel the export and do another one.

In the future you can do the same by ticking the “YouTube music” box so as not to lose the history of the last tracks recently listened to and the list of your favorite music.

Obviously this sort of Google safe contains the data of all your internet activity so you can delete it if you want. Simply delete the history from activity management, which contains four data options ranging from Google maps history to YouTube music history.

At this point you are really ready to search for free YouTube music and YouTube Italian music.

You know how to choose the subscription that best suits you based on your needs and listen to the music you love most whenever and wherever you want. All you have to do is open the YouTube music application directly on your smartphone, without any interruptions except an unexpected call.

Our conclusions on YouTube music

In conclusion we can define YouTube music as an innovation in all respects, you can easily find the history you recently listened to directly on the application, it is very intuitive and easy to use.

The artist view function allows you to learn about unreleased or little-known songs by a particular artist. Inside the application you also have the search filter function, they are very functional and clear.

You can also use the same account on different devices at the same time. Now YouTube music has no more secrets for you.