Which ginseng is the best one to treat erectile problems?

What is Erectile dysfunction?

This Erectile Dysfunction occurs when the man is not able to attain an adequate amount of erection during the period of sexual activity. This condition is common among men aged 75 and over however, it is frequent among younger males.

EDS causes and treatment

The lack of power is by psychological problems, physical factors, or a distorted lifestyle. Changes in lifestyle are not enough to ease the symptoms of this specific condition. You may require medications for erectile dysfunction to treat the symptoms. There are also penile treatments that can help with the treatment of ED. There are many prescribed medicines accessible to treat treatment of Erectile Dysfunction however, there is a herbal remedy known as Cenforce 200 has been proven to treat this specific sexual issue. But, there are plenty of factors to consider prior to actually using this Korean herb to treat impotence.

The introduction of red Ginseng

Red ginseng, also known by the name of Panax Ginseng, is a Korean herb that is extensively used for the treatment of many ailments such as impotence. It is among the oldest plants. It isn’t harvested until the plant attains a threshold of at least six years. It is a plant made up of stalks, and bears a resemblance to a human body, with arms and legs. It is produced as tea or pills to be sold.

Research studies to assess the efficacy of red ginseng to treat impermanence

The red ginseng believed to enhance the impact of hormones is similar to the male sexual testosterone hormone. However when the testosterone level of a male was determined following intake of the Korean herb, we did no significant rise. In a review of a study carried out on the subject in the year 2008 by British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology the results showed an improvement in the erectile system in comparison to placebo.

In a separate study that was published in the “International Journal of impotence research,” 119 men experiencing moderate erectile dysfunction received 350 milligrams of the Korean herb 4 times a day over a continuous time period of 8 weeks. After eight weeks the study showed a decrease in premature ejaculation, as well as improved sexual performance.

The most likely mechanism that could be the cause of action Korean Red Ginseng is that it boosts the amount of nitric dioxide in the body, which triggers the relaxation of penis muscles, by increasing blood flow. However, more studies are needed to understand the mechanisms of actions of this specific herb in a clear manner. Finally, in the” Asian Journal of Andrology” in 2009 a review study published that showed that people who were given a 1000 mg of ginseng extract over eight weeks, experienced improvement in their condition of impotence. Also, an improvement in satisfaction levels overall.

Recommendations of Korean Red Ginseng

The items of this specific herb differ in quality as well as their medicinal properties. It is therefore highly advised to research the ingredients of the product prior to purchasing. Certain products have been found to have very low amounts of ginseng, whereas others have other ingredients as well.

Some ED Medication treatments

Traditional advantages that come from Red Ginseng

The red ginseng plant has been utilized to create a tonic that boosts energy within traditional Chinese medicine. It is also referred to as a general health remedy since it has a positive effect on the various organ systems of the body. This herb is comprised of a compound known as ginsenosides which have been found to be very beneficial to the human body.

A few additional advantages of red Ginseng are:

  • Overall well-being improvement
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Increases physical endurance
  • Enhances concentration
  • Retards the aging process
  • Aidful in respiratory and heart illnesses.

Possible side effects from Red Ginseng

However, not a great deal of information was gathered regarding the long-term side consequences of this particular herbal remedy, as per the research report that was published in the” British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology” there was no known interaction between the drugs.

Some possible side effects of red ginseng are:

  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Stomach upset
  • Constipation


Similar to other medical ailments, Red Ginseng is not the only natural remedy that can help men overcome impotence.

For men who wish to stay clear of the use of medications to treat ED it is possible to make countless ways to change their lifestyle that can be implemented to improve the condition of erectile dysfunction, followed by natural remedies that could be effective and other therapies too.

It is crucial that the patient talks with the doctor before taking any particular medicine, herbal treatment or discontinuing any prescribed medications that are believed to be the reason for infertility.