Textile Bussinessman

A remarkable tale of a struggling textile businessman who persevered against extraordinary odds, inspiring many with his success. Find out how he did it!

The road to success is not always straight: just ask aspiring business owners about the arduous, persistent process that has kept them up at night numerous times. We recognize that if your profession is just getting started, you could feel overwhelmed and even consider quitting. So today I introduce you to a businessman who started his career in 1999 as a storekeeper at Khalid Mehmood weaving Factory. At that time he was also a student of BCOM. Studying and career was his first priority.

From 2000-2005 Tenwir Iqbal worked as a separate consultant in different factories along with his tough timings, this person has to work, study and bear the expenses of home at the same time. He never loses hope and tries to quit his career.

Textile businessman Struggling Through Hard Times and Making Difficult Choices:

In the textile business, the competition can be tough and it requires a hard-working attitude to stay ahead. But even through those difficult times, this businessman stayed true to his vision and kept pushing forward despite all odds. He faced many hard decisions along the way, but his commitment to his craft was unwavering. He worked diligently day after day and eventually found success against all obstacles in his path.

During their career in 2002, he also work as an accountant in a weaving factory as a part-time job. Then he become a Chief Accountant at Bilal Textile Mills Private limited from 2004-2006. From 2006 -2009 his job at Haroon fabrics (in weaviinspiratioAfter hard work for 10 years, Allah Pak was rewarded for their hard work and in 2009, he met with the director (Naveed Gulzar) of Crescent Sugar Mills Faisalabad. Tenwier Iqbal had an order from China (Qingdao-phoenix printing and dying mill) At that time this is the largest mill in china.  But he didn’t understand it. So Allah made Tenwir Iqbal co-worker of gulzar naveed.  Then control the whole process from yarn to fabric and export to china. During this period Tenwir Iqbal go to china 5-6 times to solve quality control and quality issues. Then he becomes a permanent commission agent at Crescent sugar mills ltd. Then the exporters were ordered to take the cloth from different factories and give it to them as a commission agent.

Tenwir Iqbal keenly identified new opportunities for growth and expansion in the competitive textile industry. Early on, he realized that staying ahead of the curve was essential to his success, so he invested his time studying market trends and exploring ways to further benefit his business. He never stopped looking for areas where he could expand, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge—all while maintaining the integrity of his company.

In 2013 he started his own trading company named NI Textiles He used to make pocket fabric or get an order and fulfill it. he also become a member of the chamber of commerce in 2013. And then he got an order to export this fabric in 2017. From 2017-2020 trading continued.

In 2020 he started a private limited company name is (Shahid Tenwir Textile Mills private limited ) Now in our own textile, we manufacture all kinds of cloth on order. Now, this textile has 36 looms with a production of 1lac 25000 meters of cloth.


Now there is a plan to open warehouses for this textile

in different countries. INSHA ALLAH.

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Tenwir Iqbal’s story of entrepreneurship is motivating in part because of his unwavering resolve and perseverance. It’s difficult to have an entrepreneur success story. Even if you have to wait a few years for your ambitions to materialize, don’t give up.