Sadia shamas
Sadia shamas

Today I introduce the girl (SADIA SHAMAS) who wants to become independent in their life from the start. But she faces many hurdles in life. Her education is in MS(Finance). She got married when she was in the 3rd semester of his master’s. Then she became pregnant. Everyone insists on her just focusing on their family. But she did not want to sit idle and waste her time just watching drama. But one person who understands her is her HUSBAND. Her husband motivates him and took her out of all of these difficulties.

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She wanted to make use of her time and energy, but there weren’t too many business opportunities at their home that appealed to her. Also, the responsibilities of being a housewife and young mother meant she could not spend too many hours away from home. With constant support from her husband, she decided to sell their services online and become a successful SEO CONTENT WRITER. Ever since she hasn’t looked back and is now a successful entrepreneur.

Create your own job and be a proud female entrepreneur.

Sadia shamas are also the founder of and a Youtube Channel. In a very short he gets thousands of visitors on their blogs. She also gets millions of visitors on Instagram.

She says goodbye to their comfort zone and earns money through different channels to become financially strong.

Earning is not as easy as people think. Everyone takes time and needs effort. The main thing is the mentor who can guide him easily, so Sadia shamas are here all time to help out the beginners and teach them how to earn money. Because she knows all the ups and downs you have to face in this field.

Sadia Shamas is the best example for those housewives who are educated but not able to go outside to earn just because of their child’s in-laws and many more different issues they have to face. So make the opportunity to earn at home. His best achievement is to rank 1st on Google on LinkedIn as a writer.

Sadia shamas
Sadia shamas

Tips from lower level to big growth:

  1. You spend most of your time on youtube watching dramas, movies, etc same if you make your own channel and put your daily vlogs on it. After a short time, you will meet the criteria of youtube monetization then you monetize your channel and earn through this platform.
  2. Set Realistic and Measurable Goals: When attempting to achieve greater growth, it’s important to set realistic and measurable goals. Be sure to have specific goals in mind, including short-term and long-term objectives. It’s also helpful to visualize the outcome you seek and make plans for how you will get there. Identifying measurable ways to assess progress is also essential for staying on track. Breaking big projects down into smaller steps with achievable deadlines can help as well.
  3. Secondly, social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc) is also a great source and opportunity to get visitors to your platform. It depends on you how to use these platforms. Just to scroll down the news feed or post something new.
  4. Creating a blog on different niches (Fashion, sports, news) is the best idea for those women and youngsters who want to earn money.
  5. Develop a Comprehensive Plan for Lead Generation and Conversion Optimization.
  6. If you want to sell the product of your own house (furniture) then create an account on amazon to sell it and earn a profit.

Sadia Shamas never thought it was feasible for a girl to manage domestic duties, a young child, her own business, and a high-earning job while staying at home. Now she is very satisfied as a result.