Kashmir Day
Kashmir Day

Kashmir Day is a day to remember and pay tribute to the people of Indian-Administered Kashmir who have experienced tremendous human rights violations. Every February 5th, people around the world come together to show their support for those in Kashmir by engaging in activities raising awareness, such as rallies, seminars, and vigils.

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“Kashmir is a beautiful utopia on our earth, which we have to protect at all costs.” – Imran Khan

So uncover the past of Kashmir Day to gain an understanding of why it’s considered a significant holiday in this region. Kashmir Day is an annual holiday that commemorates the struggles and successes of the people living in the disputed region of Kashmir. It’s celebrated on February 5th to highlight the importance of this region and its history. Learn more about Kashmir Day and why it’s such a significant holiday for people in this area.

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Kashmir Day
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The Beginning of India and Pakistan’s Conflict Over Kashmir:

The start of India and Pakistan’s conflict over Kashmir began in 1947. This was caused by the Partition of British India, which divided the region into two newly created states; India and Pakistan. The Hindu ruler of an overwhelmingly Muslim population agreed to join India while both parties disputed possession of Kashmir. Thus began a series of wars between India and Pakistan, resulting in multiple UN Resolutions being passed attempting to find an appropriate solution to the crisis, none of which have been successful yet.

How Kashmir Day is Celebrated Today?

Kashmir Day is now celebrated all over the world on February 5th. In many cities and towns, peaceful rallies are often held with people holding placards with slogans that represent the struggles of Kashmiri people for their rights. Social media campaigns are also organized and hashtags such as #KashmirDay or #StandWithKashmir become popular during the day to spread awareness about the plight of Kashmiri people. Furthermore, many organizations arrange fundraising events to increase economic opportunities in Kashmir to remove poverty and inequality in the region.

Kashmir Day quotes:

  • “Kashmir is the only place in the world where Creator has written its beauty with diamonds, emeralds, and rubies!” – Mukhtar Ahmad
  • “Kashmir is like no other place on Earth and should be seen by everyone who wants to understand true beauty in its innocence.” – Nynge Khet
  • “Let us recognize that the struggle in Kashmir is for human dignity and justice.” –Hina Jilani
  • “The people of Kashmir seek peace, justice, dignity, democracy, and respect for their essential rights.” –Malala Yousafzai
  • “Hearts of fire, courage beyond compare. The people of Kashmir will come out on top, beware.” – Imran Khan

What We Can Do Now to Support the People of Kashmir?

It’s important that we stay committed to supporting the people of Kashmir. This might look like writing to your local representatives, checking if your local organizations are taking part in any peaceful demonstrations for the cause, and donating to funds that support the people of Kashmir. It’s also worth following organizations like Humanity United which provide a platform for those who are using their voices to support the people of Kashmir. They cover everything from protection against torture and forced labor to fighting for freedom of movement and expression.

Here’s how you can express your support:

Updates to Law and Political Status in Recent Years.

In recent years, the governments at both the Central and state levels have enacted legislation to overcome the Kashmir conflict. One notable example is “The J&K Reorganisation Act, 2019” which prohibited citizens from transferring or selling their land in Jammu and Kashmir to permanent residents of other areas. This Act also removed Article 370 from the Indian Constitution – a provision that stated that Kashmir possessed special status in terms of its autonomy as an Indian state. The law and political status in Kashmir can continue to change over time depending upon the national and state leadership at different levels.

Observe a Moment of Silence:

On February 5th, it is encouraged to take a moment of silence at 12 PM local time to signify support and solidarity for the people in Indian-Administered Kashmir. One minute of silence represents an extended period of time reflecting the difficult journey taken by the people who have been impacted for generations by military occupation and a broken political system. It also signifies that you are deeply moved by what is happening in Kashmir and are committed to restoring justice for the human rights of their citizens.

Share Content That Raises Awareness of Human Rights Violations in Kashmir:

One of the most powerful and effective ways to show your solidarity for people in Indian-Administered Kashmir is by sharing content that raises awareness of human rights violations. Reach out to organizations on the ground in Kashmir, individuals affected by the conflict, and other concerned citizens who could provide firsthand accounts or evidence of the events happening in Kashmir. Moreover, share insightful publications related to or highlighting the struggles faced by people in Indian-Administered Kashmir. In doing so, you can help amplify these stories and raise more awareness around them.

Kashmir day speech in Urdu:

Kashmir Day Poetry Titles that Speak Volumes About Freedom:

  • “The Land You Don’t Deserve”
  • “Voices Of Freedom”
  • “Indestructible Bonds”
  • “Pain of an Occupied Nation”
  • “Flames Of Hope Igniting Truth”

Reach Out to Local Organizations and Initiatives That Support Peace and Justice for Kashmiri People:

Support organizations and initiatives working for justice, peace, and human rights within Indian-Administered Kashmir. Reach out to local NGOs, or write directly to political figures, expressing your support for their work. Your words of encouragement could mean so much – it’d show that the people in India-administered Kashmir are not alone in this fight. Let them know that their efforts are deeply appreciated beyond borders – join their struggle by using your privilege and platform to elevate their voices.

Kashmir Day dates:

2020       5 February     Wednesday

2021       5 February     Friday

2022       5 February     Saturday

2023       5 February     Sunday

2024       5 February     Monday

2025       5 February     Wednesday