Imran Khan Arrested

Imran Khan, a former prime minister of Pakistan, was detained in front of Islamabad’s High Court.

Mr. Khan was testifying in court over allegations of corruption, which he claims are motivated by politics.

After Mr. Khan approached the court complex, paramilitary soldiers in armored personnel vehicles detained him before transporting him away, as seen on camera.

After being dismissed as prime minister in April of last year, he has been pushing for early elections ever since.

This year’s general elections are scheduled for later.

According to a statement from the inspector general of Punjab police, Mr. Khan’s arrest had been requested because of allegations of “corruption and corrupt practices.”

According to the Dawn newspaper, there are charges regarding the distribution of land under the so-called Al-Qadir Trust, which is held by Mr. Khan and his wife.

The PTI has urged its followers to demonstrate, and Lahore and Peshawar have both reported demonstrations. Security was tight for the former PM’s court appearance in the heart of Islamabad.